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The DPM multi-software approach is an inexpensive and simple, yet powerful and productive method ofretouching, repairing, and restoring digital photographs.

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Inpaint 6.2

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1 Inpaint 6.2 on Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:42 pm


Inpaint 6.2 ($19.99)

Teorex (www.theinpaint.com/download.html) free trial demo (www.webinpaint.com)

A Inpaint is a simple and speedy tool that does essentially one thing—and does it very well. The “inpainting” operation completely deletes a user-selected photo image area, replacing the blank space with intelligently generated images synthesized from surrounding image data.

Inpaint is used for removing people, automobiles, trash, power lines, aerials, edifice , or whatever else offends you; for performing quick facial retouching including wrinkle, blemish, and discoloration erasure; and for eliminating watermarks, text, and logos from an image.

The Inpaint user interface is sparse, offering a limted number of command options and resulting in extremely simple operations. The “Multi View” mode permits the use of details from multiple photos of the same scene to create “the image you really meant to photograph.”

For example, if you have two or three similarly oriented images of a striking landscape, which unfortunately include tourists wandering about in different locations, Inpaint will select parts of each and construct an idealized version that magically has no people in it. Multi View also allows you to clone several images or action sequences featuring the same person (or object) into a single photograph.

Inpaint is a powerful time-saver that can help you salvage mediocre photo images. Not bad for 20 bucks!

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