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The DPM multi-software approach is an inexpensive and simple, yet powerful and productive method ofretouching, repairing, and restoring digital photographs.

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PixBuilder Studio 2.2.0

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1 PixBuilder Studio 2.2.0 on Fri Jan 08, 2016 3:44 pm


PixBuilder Studio 2.2.0 (free)

Wnsoft.com (www.wnsoft.com/pixbuilder)

A PixBuilder Studio is another free and useful program for digital photo editing, image processing, and resizing. It supports the use of image and text layers for editing, multi-step undo, and the use of gradients and masks—all of which make this an attractive and effective photo image editor.

The layering function is important for any user who is serious about image post-processing. The pro gram also provides easy access to color management functions, allowing control over brightness, contrast, and color balance, as well as the use of levels. The numerous built-in post-processing functions include blurring and sharpening, cloning, and a paintbrush. A variety of selection tools and a mask mode, along with the aforementioned layering capabilities, make it easy to manipulate specific image elements and areas and provide access to optional editing panels for display and monitoring of zoom, tools, layers, undo history, and channels.

Pixbuilder Studio has an intuitive user interface, incorporating extensive and easy to fin help and learning information. Overall, this is a solid and powerful free photo-editing tool, amateur-friendly yet with fast editing functionality that is certain to make converts among professional users.

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