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Picasa 3.9

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1 Picasa 3.9 on Fri Jan 08, 2016 3:42 pm


Picasa 3.9 (free)

Google (picasa.google.com)

A+ Picasa 3 is an extremely easy-to-use and powerful Windows desktop photo editor and postprocessing application, provided by Google as a free download. The package offers a full array of desktop photo-editing tools and incorporates full network-integrated functionality. The postprocessing package is moderately powerful and quite accessible for beginner users. Google software developers have again produced an impressive desktop application, this one specifically to provide simple, effective image editing and photo collection management functionality.

Additionally, Google has integrated the following features:

• Free cloud storage for up to 1 GB of your images using the Picasa Web Album service, Google Photo, and Google+ (up to 400 GB of storage is available for a fee)

• The ability to manage an online Picasa Web Album archive, with automatic uploads and file synchronization

• Facial recognition search capability for automatically searching, retrieving, and indexing human images “that look like this” (this feature reduces the time spent on subject name tagging, in addition to letting you quickly “find this person”)

• Convenient access to high-quality commercial printing services for photos and bound albums

• Easy online publication options, with access to your hosted photo images as a remote display resource for other websites

• Integration into the Google+ social networking service for easy online sharing of photos and albums with friends and relatives, as well as designated public access to your stored images

• Integration into Android smartphone and tablet networking and communications, with
Android devices able to manage your local photo collection and Picasa Web Album archives

• Integration into the ever-growing range of Google functionality

Picasa 3 is a fully loaded mid-range photo editor, offering a wide variety of extremely easy-to-use, yet powerful post-processing tools. Almost any level of user can benefit from using Picasa as a basic photo file organizer, manager, and post-processing application. You may find yourself using it for routine photo processing and printing, as well as for its cosmetic retouching capabilities.

Keep in mind that Picasa doesn’t actually store your photos. Rather, it automatically find , indexes, and uses all photo files that are stored on your hard disk. You can easily configu e the program to recognize the digital image files that you wish included or ignored. You can also identify disk folders or directories that you don’t want it to scan. However, you will manage the actual file storage process via standard disk management commands and utilities, your camera photo file utilities, or other file-handling tool.

One great advantage of Picasa is that photo-editing never changes your original image file . All image-editing modifications are recorded in a separate change log file; the stored post-processing effects are automatically applied to the original image only during image display and printing. (You can also easily export high-quality or “corrected” copies of your improved images.) The good news is, you’re not likely to ever accidentally overwrite your original image file .

Picasa is a free photo-editing application that I highly recommend as a standard tool for serious digital photo hobbyists or semiprofessionals, as well as for beginners. It is my own most-used photo software tool; in addition to routine “touch-up” and printing of photo images, I’m currently using it to manage an archive of more than 13,000 images.

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