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The DPM multi-software approach is an inexpensive and simple, yet powerful and productive method ofretouching, repairing, and restoring digital photographs.

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Unshake 1.5 release 1b

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1 Unshake 1.5 release 1b on Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:55 pm


Unshake 1.5 release 1b (free)

M.D. Cahill (www.zen147963.zen.co.uk/Unshake/)

A Unshake fixes blurriness in photo images using a sophisticated software technique called “deconvolution.” Several of the high-end photo-editing applications include this kind of function, but Unshake does it just as well—if not better—and at no cost. It takes a bit of experimentation before you’ll get optimal results, but there’s no substitute for this kind of sophisticated post-processing. It significantly improves images that would normally be considered unusable due to photographic errors made at the moment of original exposure.

What’s more, Unshake is not limited to fixing digital images: you can also improve images from legacy photo prints, positive transparencies, or photo negatives by simply scanning them to digital format. Unshake is a last-ditch helper for blurred images caused by improper focusing, too-slow shutter speeds, unsteady hands, unexpected movement by the subject, and so forth. It can help you create a decent image from a lousy photograph, which in my experience makes it a uniquely valuable tool. Try it!

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