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Recolored 1.1.0

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1 Recolored 1.1.0 on Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:47 pm


Recolored 1.1.0 (personal, $29; business, $49; free 21-day trial)

Bertheussen IT (www.recolored.com/recolored_info.php)

A Recolored makes it unbelievably easy to add natural-looking color to black-and-white photos— traditionally an exacting and time-consuming task. Drawing on the latest developments in computer-assisted image colorization, this software allows just about anyone to produce professional-looking colorized images.

To add color to a photo, simply use “brushstrokes” to roughly apply desired colors to objects, features, and image areas, then click the Colorize button. Recolored automatically “expands” the application of your chosen color markings using natural gradient coverage, pushing the area of color out to the point where it identifies a natural boundary or “edge,” as identified by image characteristics that differ from those you marked. The color expansion stops completely when it reaches boundaries containing other assigned color values.

It’s easy to improve and perfect your colorization job using iterations of simple color marking adjustments, inspecting the results and continuing to make cumulative corrections. Recolored offers options for erasing color line markings or replacing them with different color value selections.

After you select a “replacement” color, simply click on a color line to locally transform a single line area, or click a line while also pressing the Ctrl key to globally change all the line marks in the full photo with that original color value. (Of course, you can always Undo if you make a mistake.)

Recolored offers a simple and very practical alternative to the standard colorization approach employed by the high-powered products. The more advanced packages generally guide the user to the application of layers for doing colorization and similar complex photo-editing tasks. With that method, single or multiple artificially defined layers are applied over an image. Editing and other manipulative changes to a layer are restricted to affecting just that particular layer; thus, changes do not actually modify the underlying image.

Layering enables delicate or drastic adjustments to image color, contrast, brightness, darkness, and other such characteristics. The user can also control the degree of effect to the overall image appearance by varying the transparency or opacity of each layer. This allows for very fine adjustment of changes. If a particular editing approach is found ineffective or inappropriate, the user can add another layer or simply delete the unsuitable layer. Remember, the “independence” of layers means that modification , adjustments, or even the deletion of a layer will not impact the base image.

While using layers is quite powerful and effective it calls for considerable user skill and experience. The application and interaction of multiple layers and the gradations of intensity of the effects quickly complicate matters, and the process can be quite time-consuming.

Recolored, on the other hand, offers quick, simple application of coloring effects while also providing the same sort of protection for your original image. When you begin editing a photo with Recolored, you load and display a copy of your original file. You start choosing colors and drawing the color guide lines on top of the original image, checking your results using the Colorize instant display function. As soon as you achieve a version of the colorized work you want to keep, you save it using an RCL file for mat extension.

This does not overwrite the original JPG, PNG, or TIFF (or whatever format) image, because when you save the RCL file it stores a copy of the original base image, along with all your cumulative color line instructions. Load the file and click the Colorize button and the software will quickly generate a new colored image, applying all your stored instructions. Continue to fine tune your colorization, and when you finally see a colored version you’d like to print, save it again, this time as a JPG, PNG, or TIFF file - -or in whatever format you desire. Now you can produce your final print.

A quality colorizing job with Recolored will probably take you 10–30 minutes per photo. The work is accomplished simply by brushing a minimal number of colored lines using your mouse. There’s no need to struggle with layers, color gradations, color-mixing, multiple editing sessions, or complicated settings. The Recolored package automatically takes care of the otherwise difficult and time-consuming tasks of accurately colorizing black-and-white photo images, applying gradient colors, and automatically providing for smooth, seamless transitions between different color edges or boundaries.

Recolored is a truly elegant example of the new APPS image post-processing technology. Take a look at the online web demos - you’ll be impressed. (By the way, your friends and relatives will absolutely love you for your colorizing and retouching skills; at least mine do. It can really pay off in cocktail and dinner invitations!)

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