Update4DPM digital photo retouching

The DPM multi-software approach is an inexpensive and simple, yet powerful and productive method ofretouching, repairing, and restoring digital photographs.

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PhotoUpz 1.7

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1 PhotoUpz 1.7 on Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:45 pm


PhotoUpz 1.7 (personal, $19.90; business, $29.90; free trial)

PhotoUpz.com (www.photoupz.com)

B PhotoUpz, another automated photo enhancement program, contains a relatively small but powerful set of tools. The user interface is lean and mean, within the narrow limits of its postprocessing functionality. The program is easy to install and is intuitive to navigate and operate. You’ll get your photo fixes ver and done with in short order.

PhotoUpz displays easily identifiable icon-based commands to rotate and resize images; remove dates, logos, watermarks, objects, people, and more; sharpen photos; remove noise; and improve contrast and brightness in poorly exposed photos. To start, use the mouse to add simple markers identifying areas to remove. You can also use “guide lines” to mark locations where different intersecting background edges adjoin the objects marked for removal; this enables accurate blending and matching of an inpainting area surrounded by multiple backgrounds, allowing you to accurately identify and match grass, sidewalk, and structural background areas that intersect behind the person or object you’ve marked for removal. A powerful and easy-to-use application available at a very economical price, PhotoUpz offers limited but highly useful APPS functionality.

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