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The DPM multi-software approach is an inexpensive and simple, yet powerful and productive method ofretouching, repairing, and restoring digital photographs.

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iResizer 3.0

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1 iResizer 3.0 on Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:44 pm


iResizer 3.0 ($19.99)

Teorex (www.iresizer.com/download.html)

B What Terorex’s iResizer does is a bit difficult to describe, since you’re not merely changing the dimensions of an image, but take a look at Figures 3.16A, B, C, and D in Chapter 3 for a visual example. The iResizer application rescales an image without altering designated “important” visual content such as people, buildings, animals, and the like. Normal inpainting resizing operations simply replace all pixels in a selected image area, but iResizer mostly inpaints pixels into unmarked or “unimportant areas” that do not include critical visual content. For example, you can transform a wide landscape picture with a few people in it into a square picture by simply “closing up” the space between the people or objects in the image. It also works in reverse: You can use it to expand a square photo and make it into a larger view by “adding space” between the important objects.

iResizer can change spacing between the main objects in an image, or even completely remove objects, and can also change overall image aspect ratios: Simply use the mouse-controlled green marker tool to identify the important elements you want to keep in the image. Conversely, use the red marker tool to select features of the image you want discarded or overwritten. It may take a few tries to get the results you want, as parts of an image that you didn’t notice, think about, or mark properly the first time will become distorted; still, the controls are simple and straightforward. If you find you’ve gone astray, just use the Undo command then add further marks to tune up your image. In the end, it may take you 8 minutes instead of 5 to magically transform that image. Darn!

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